May I Call the Sun a Space Heater?



In 2006 Pluto became a “dwarf planet”.  It just sat there, completely voiceless and flat out became something different than millions of Earthlings previously believed it to be.  The new reality did not change Pluto but in many ways it served to disrupt the normal thinking about what many of us took for granted regarding what we used to believed that we all knew together.

A big part of how we experience social safety is having common understanding about what we call things.  Changing the way a thing is called isn’t always bad but it is almost always met with resistance when it changes the meaning. It must have been an odd evolution of thinking that finally integrated huge conceptual shifts of mind like gravity or the idea of a spherical Earth into the normal world of safe, common truth.  Many people did not survive it.

This proposition could proffer a moment to ponder.  In a world where renaming things seems to be a rampant solution to every small cultural incongruence, are there some things that are best left sacred (i.e. off limits for change)?  Can we just rename, re-catagorize, and reconfigure old ideas into new meanings because we want to?

So, for instance, are there things you might prefer that people recognize about you that are not available for creative interpretations in meaning? What? Are we safer in community when some things are sacred?






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