Dear friends of old and new,

Welcome!  This site is dedicated to the ideals of ministering through the institution of healthcare.  You are genuinely welcome to join in and let us know your opinions and ideas.

The reason for the name,”Wineskins”, comes from an ancient metaphor for how we structure new devices to support change.  The scripture from the Bible talks about the common knowledge of the day that “no one pours new wine into old wineskins”.  Todays swift whirlwinds of change push us into new places without our permission and many times even before we know we have been moved.


The diametrically opposed truths are that both change and our mission to heal are constants in life’s great equation.  Neither are, nor should be yielding.  How we commit our evolving body of healthcare to hold the freshness of our messages of healing and hope is the general aim of this sites purpose.